Your MLS Questions Answered

Whether you’re buying or selling a North County San Diego home, you’ve no doubt come across the term MLS or Multiple Listing Service. You may be wondering exactly what the MLS is and why it’s such a necessary tool in the real estate market. Since being informed is the best way to approach buying or selling a home, let’s take some time to answer your most pressing questions about this invaluable tool.

What is the MLS, exactly?

Good question! To put it simply, the MLS is a database that includes all the homes that are for sale in the area. Many people think that MLS is a national database. But it’s actually comprised of literally hundreds of smaller regional databases. Real estate professionals like agents and brokers use the MLS to help their clients buy and sell homes. The database is indispensable because it helps agents cooperate with one another by collecting market information all in one place.

How does the MLS work?

While the MLS may seem a little shrouded in mystery, it’s actually pretty straightforward. Real estate agents pay to have access to their local database. In many cases, agents pay to have access to many regional databases to have the most extensive reach possible. Agents access the MLS online and can post information about homes for sale that they represent. This includes all the important details about a home, photos, and other documents like seller disclosures and HOA requirements. They can also search homes for sale based on certain criteria such as price, amenities, and location. Information from the MLS is also aggregated on real estate websites like and Zillow.

How does the MLS benefit sellers?

One of the most important benefits of the MLS to home sellers is exposure. Your home is exposed to literally thousands of agents when it is listed on the MLS. You are able to reach the widest possible audience through the MLS, which could result in multiple offers on your home (especially in today’s market). Your home listing will not only be available to agents, but also to buyers who are browsing real estate websites online to search for homes. The MLS extends your reach far beyond what just a sign in your yard can do. 

How does the MLS benefit buyers?

The great thing about the MLS is that it benefits buyers just as much as it benefits sellers. And in today’s market, which is very competitive for buyers, it is essential to have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. The MLS displays information in real-time. This means that as soon as a home hits the market a buyer can take action.

How can you make the most of the MLS?

Knowing how to best use this amazing tool will help you achieve the results you desire. First of all, working with an agent who has access to many local MLS databases will help to increase your reach. Secondly, making sure that you have accurate information about your North County home as well as high-quality photographs will make your listing stand out. Finally, as a buyer, you can sign up to receive alerts that let you know precisely when a home that meets your specific criteria is listed.

How can I contact an MLS expert?

The Cristine Clark & Jamie Gilman Team has been working with the MLS for years and can help make your real estate experience the best it can be. Contact us today at 760-758-1211 or [email protected] to get started. Whether you’re buying or selling a North County San Diego home, we can help you realize your real estate dreams!

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