You Won’t Believe These 7 Things That Are Covered By Homeowners Insurance

Insurance agents love to tell you about the things their homeowners policies don’t cover (we’re looking at you floods and earthquakes). But you may be surprised to find out the strange things that typically are covered. In fact, you may not believe these 7 things that are covered by your homeowners policy. Next time one of these things happens to you, talk to your agent about filing a claim!

Hotel expenses

If your home sustains damage that makes it unlivable while under repair, then your hotel expenses may be covered by your homeowners insurance. This is often called “additional living expenses” coverage or “loss of use” coverage. As long as the loss itself is covered, then your hotel bill or expenses from a short-term rental will be, too.

Identity theft

Having your identity stolen can be stressful. If you’ve been the victim of identity theft and have paid for legal fees, notary fees, or other related costs, then you may be able to recoup those losses. Not all standard policies automatically cover identity theft, but you can often add it for an additional cost.

Damage caused by meteorites or other falling objects

Was your home damaged by something that fell from the sky? Chances are, it’s covered! This includes meteorites, parts of a satellite, or even a drone. Most standard policies include this coverage. If you’re not sure yours does, then check with your agent.

Contents of a dorm room

Have you sent your child off to college? If any of their belongings are stolen or damaged, then they may be covered. In most cases, the college student needs to live in a dorm in order to have this protection. It’s another great reason to live on campus!

Items in a storage unit

Most people think it’s only the items in their homes that are covered by homeowners insurance. But that’s not actually the case! Did you know that items you have in a storage locker or unit are typically covered as well? There may be a limit to how much is covered, often about 10 percent of your personal belongings. But it’s worth checking with your agent to find out.


Did someone drive into your yard and tear up your landscaping? That may very well be covered by your homeowners insurance. Trees, shrubs, and plants are usually covered by standard policies. They typically cover up to $500 per item as long as the plant has been properly maintained.

Food that has gone bad

Having the power go out for any length of time can be a real inconvenience. But it can also cost you money if the contents of your refrigerator and freezer go bad because of it. So if a tree hits a power line and you lost electricity, chances are your food is covered. Just be aware that you won’t be covered if you lose electricity for missed payments.

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