You Can Practice Yoga With Goats in San Marcos!

Who’s ready to mix up their workout routine? If you raised your hand, then you should definitely check out The Blissful Goat in San Marcos. If the idea of practicing yoga with goats sounds fun (and how could it not?), then read on to find out more about this unique way to boost your well-being.

What is goat yoga?

Goat yoga is exactly what it sounds like – practicing yoga with several goats. Goat yoga burst onto the scene in 2017 in Oregon and has taken off across the country. The Blissful Goat in San Marcos has introduced the concept to North County San Diego, and we think it sounds delightful. This is not a hardcore yoga class. Instead, the focus is on getting back to nature and connecting with these peaceful animals. In each class, you can do as much or as little actual yoga as you like. There is also time built into the class for photos and cuddling with the goats. Be aware that a hoodie is required for class since the goats will be climbing on you. No experience is necessary.

Experience the healing of goats

The Blissful Goat began when the owner, Star Bailey, first brought goats to her San Marcos farm for their milk. It wasn’t very long until she discovered how healing it was just to be with the goats. When a friend sent her a link on Facebook about a woman practicing yoga with her baby goat, she decided to give it a try with her own goats. She found the experience so amazing she decided to share it with people. She hopes that being with the goats is a joyful experience for those who participate and that more people will think of them as healing pets. Check out The Blissful Goat’s Facebook page and Instagram accounts for adorable videos of the goats. And if you happen to take a class this spring, you will probably be lucky enough to practice with baby goats.

How to participate

The goat yoga classes are held outside and are dependent upon the weather and how the goats are feeling. Classes are held most weekends, but class times are not posted more than a week in advance. You can sign up for classes online. Once your purchase has been confirmed you’ll be sent a release form and a ticket with the location and directions to the class. They are located approximately one mile from the Twin Oaks Valley Golf Course. Latex-free yoga mats can be rented for $3 cash. Classes last approximately 70 minutes, which includes time with the goats. Participants must be at least 18 years old and weigh at least 100 pounds. Expect to have adorable goats climbing on you during the practice. The cost for first-time participants is $28 and $23 for returnees.

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