Why Homeownership Is More Important Than Ever Right Now

The global coronavirus pandemic has certainly made one thing very obvious – our homes are critical to our safety and well-being. Owning a North County San Diego home is like owning your own personal sanctuary. It helps to keep you and your family safe and it’s the place where you will likely make some of your life’s best memories. But homeownership does so much more than that. In fact, homeownership is poised to be a critical part of boosting our communities and our economy during and after the pandemic. Let’s look at why homeownership is more important than ever right now.

How homeownership helps you

Owning a home is a huge part of the American Dream for many people. That’s because it provides security in a way that no other investment can. When you buy a North County home, it not only provides emotional safety, but it also boosts your financial health. Real estate has long been one of the best ways to build wealth, and real estate has always increased in value over time. Buying a home, especially in North County San Diego, is an excellent investment. And it keeps you and your loved ones safe and healthy, especially during challenging times like today.

How homeownership helps your community

But owning a home helps more than just you and those with whom you share it. Homeownership also has a positive impact on your community. Homeowners pay taxes, and those taxes help to support the infrastructure in your community. This includes providing essential services like fire and police protection, repairing and maintaining public spaces like roads and parks, and building public structures such as schools and libraries. And those who own homes in their neighborhoods tend to be more involved and invested in their communities. They participate in local organizations, run for local office, and volunteer and donate to local charities.

How homeownership helps the economy

The benefits of homeownership don’t stop at you and your community. It’s also part of the foundation of our economy. Did you know that the real estate market accounts for almost 15 percent of our gross domestic product? That’s huge! Think about everything that goes into building and maintaining a home, from the manufacturers who supply building materials to local contractors who offer their services. Real estate is a major component of both our local and national economies. Not only that, but homeowners are also more likely to purchase goods and services – another boost to the economy.

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