What You Can Negotiate When Buying a North County Home

Negotiations are part of any deal, and it’s especially true when it comes to buying a North County San Diego home. Purchasing property is a major commitment, and you want to get the best deal possible. While it’s a given that you can negotiate on price, there are other ways you can sweeten your deal beyond the purchase price. Consider these other options when it’s time to negotiate with a seller on your new North County home.


First, we all know that negotiating on the price is one of the tactics many buyers will try. But be aware that we are in a seller’s market. That means you may not get a reduction in price, and offering less than the listing price could cause you to lose out to another buyer who offered full price — or more. In today’s market, it’s wise to look for other aspects of the deal that you can negotiate.

Home repairs

If the home you want to buy is in need of repairs, then this is an area you can negotiate with the seller. While some buyers may forgo a home inspection in a seller’s market, it’s not always a wise decision. Home inspections can uncover costly issues that were not previously disclosed. If you discover any needed repairs during your home inspection, you can ask the seller to make the repairs as part of the sale. Not all sellers will be open to this, but it is always worth a try.

Closing costs

When you purchase a home, there will be costs associated with the closing. They usually run between two and seven percent of the purchase price and include fees for the loan application, inspection, appraisal, escrow, and more. Buyers typically pay for most of the closing costs, but you can try to negotiate with the seller to pick up some of the tab.

Closing time

Is your timeline flexible? Then you can negotiate with the seller the time it takes to close a deal. Whether the seller wants to finish as quickly as possible or they need more time before moving, you can offer to adjust the closing time to fit their needs. This can make your offer more attractive without having to offer more money.

Your own fees

Finally, there are ways to save on your home purchase that don’t involve the seller. If you’re looking for the best deal on a home, then start by shopping around for the best mortgage. Every lender will offer different rates and fees and you should reach out to several lenders before making a decision. Getting multiple quotes can literally save you thousands of dollars during the life of your mortgage.

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