There’s Still Time to Cash In on This Seller’s Market!

You’ve probably been hearing in the news (and on this blog) that 2021 has been a great year to sell your home. The North County San Diego real estate market is hot, and sellers have been cashing in. If you’ve been thinking about listing but haven’t made the leap yet, what’s stopping you? We understand that during these uncertain times, an ounce of caution is necessary. But we can assure you that buyers are ready to tour your home and that there’s still time to take advantage of this seller’s market. Here’s what you need to know.

Buyers are eager to see more homes for sale

There have been fewer sellers in the market than buyers this year. For this reason, the buyers who are looking are eager for you to list your home. The real estate industry has experienced a boom during the pandemic as people adjust their lifestyles to our new normal. Your home could be exactly what someone else is looking for. In fact, many sellers receive multiple offers on their homes when they list, and some even spark bidding wars. Buyers are aware they need a bulletproof offer in order to stand out, which is an ideal scenario for sellers.

Home prices continue to rise

Did you know that across the nation the median home price has gone up more than 13 percent over a year ago? That’s a huge increase and could mean a considerable profit for you should you decide to sell now. Be aware, though, that home values won’t be rising like this forever. If you want to get the best price for your home, then listing now is a good idea.

Homes are selling fast

In addition to homes selling for more money than they were a year ago, they are also selling at a faster rate. In a typical market, it takes about 30 days to get an accepted offer on your home. In today’s market, that average is now 17 days. You read that right — homes are selling almost twice as fast as usual. If you list your home today, you could have an accepted offer in just a matter of a few days or weeks.

There’s less competition

Finally, since fall is here, there will be fewer sellers for you to compete with. Spring and summer are typically the hot seasons in North County real estate. Many buyers wait until the summer break from school to move in order to make the transition easier on kids. As a result, more sellers list at this time knowing demand will be higher. Listing now means that not only will you get to take advantage of this unprecedented demand from buyers, but that you’ll also have less competition vying for their attention.

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