“Stagecoach Days” Kicks Off On July 9th

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park is celebrating travel and transportation in the era of real horsepower during “Stagecoach Days,” kicking off on July 9. Join in on the old-fashioned fun from noon to 4:00 PM on eight Saturdays in July and August.

Sponsored by Fiesta de Reyes and Boosters of Old Town, the free event features a different theme each Saturday such as Days of the Vaqueros, Women of the West, Soldiers and Citizens, TwainFest and Taste of the Past.

Attendees will enjoy afternoons filled with activities that reflect life in early San Diego and celebrate the West on the move. Through living history activities and demonstrations, stories and songs, visitors will gain an appreciation for early modes of transportation and daily life. All activities are geared toward children and adults of all ages.

The Stagecoach Days schedule is as follows:

Games & Amusements – July 9thTry your hand at games & amusements of the 1800s – long before smart phones and tablets.

Women of the West – July 16th: Celebrate little-told stories of settlers who made the frontier a home. Come to see the role women played in Old Town San Diego and experience our annual Quilt Walk.

Soldiers & Citizens – July 23: San Diego’s military history stretches back to its settlement in 1769. See hisoric uniforms, weapons, and hear their stories.

A Taste of the Past – July 30th: Learn about early San Diego through the foods they ate, both local and exotic.

Trades That Shaped the West – August 6th: See blacksmiths, printers, woodworkers, and more to help you decide what job you would have chosen in the 1800s.

Days of the Vaqueros – August 13th: See vaqueros – the original cowboys – ride, rope, and talk of life on the ranchos.

TwainFest – August 20th: Literature comes to life through games and activities in the park.

The West on the Move – August 27th: Take a wagon ride through the park and see our own historic coaches on display.

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park presents the opportunity to experience the history of early San Diego by providing a connection to the past.

Learn about life in the Mexican and early American periods of 1821 to 1872. Even today, life moves more slowly in this part of San Diego, where the hustle and bustle is balanced with history and fiestas. Visitors are offered a glimpse into yesteryear, as converging cultures transformed San Diego from a Mexican pueblo to an American settlement. San Diego became California’s first Spanish settlement when a mission and fort were established here in 1769. Later, it passed into the hands of the newly made Mexican government before gaining statehood in the United States after the Mexican-American War.

The core of restored original historic buildings from the interpretive period are complemented by reconstructed sites, along with early twentieth century buildings designed in the same mode. Five original adobe buildings are part of the historic park, which include museums, unique retail shops, and several restaurants. The Historic Plaza remains a special place for gatherings and historic activities. Visitors can also experience a working blacksmith shop, enjoy music, see or touch the park’s burros, and engage in activities that represent early San Diego.

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