Selling a North County Home with a Pool

Here in North County San Diego, we have the pleasure of enjoying our outdoor living spaces all year long. Many of those in the market for a home in North County are no doubt interested in buying a house with great outdoor spaces. And for many, that means a pool. Since pool season in North County begins in spring and stretches well into the fall (or longer if your pool is heated), pools can be a top wish-list item for some buyers. If you’re selling your North County home with a pool, here’s what you need to know to catch the attention of those interested buyers.

Be compliant with the law

First of all, your home pool needs to be compliant with California law. As of January 1, 2018, pool owners must have two of seven safety features installed in order to reduce the risk of drowning. This could include an enclosure, a removable mesh fence, an approved cover, exit alarms on home doors, self-latching devices on doors that lead to the pool, or other features that are accepted by law. If your pool is not compliant, it will be listed as such on the home inspection report.

Amp up your maintenance routine

Don’t let your pool tank your home sale. If it’s not clean and well-maintained, then it’s going to turn off most buyers. They’re looking for pools that will be ready the day they move in, so it’s time to amp up your maintenance routine. Make any needed repairs such as fixing cracks or leaks. Make sure all the pool equipment such as pumps and filters are in good working order. Test the water chemistry and keep it balanced. Buyers want to see sparkling clean water, not pool full of algae. Keep it clean by vacuuming the pool daily.

Stage the pool area

Is there anything better than jumping in a pool on a hot summer’s day? Make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves doing just that by staging the pool area. Keep the pool open for showings. Pressure-wash all decks and patios. Spruce up the landscaping surrounding the pool and add some potted plants. Surround the pool with comfortable chairs and lounges, and create a shaded area with an umbrella. Keep pool toys stored away. You want to showcase just how inviting your pool can be.

Gather your paperwork

Finally, when you’re selling a North County home with a pool, you should create a binder with all your paperwork. This includes everything associated with the pool – equipment manuals, service records, and repair and maintenance records. Be prepared to convey detailed information about how your pool operates. Modern pools can be a little intimidating, especially to first-time pool owners. Help to allay their concerns that the pool will be difficult to use and maintain. It can also be helpful to share the contact information for your pool service company if you use one. That can make the transition easier for the new owner.

Contact the Clark & Gilman Team

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