Resolve to Break These Bad Cleaning Habits

Do you feel like you spend an enormous time cleaning your North County home, but it just doesn’t look or feel as clean as you’d like? We get it – cleaning is not our favorite job, either. But we’ve discovered that sometimes our efforts don’t yield the results we’d like because of bad habits we’ve established. Being able to recognize these habits and then change them will lead to having a cleaner home with less effort. If you’d like your home to sparkle, then resolve to break these bad cleaning habits.

Letting mail pile up

It’s amazing how quickly mail can pile up. If you’re the type who lets mail accumulate next to the front door, then it’s time to tackle this problem. Instead, deal with the mail each time you retrieve it. Toss or recycle junk mail and keep the rest organized. Even better, reduce how much mail you receive by going paperless with your bills and bank statements.

Using harsh chemicals to clean

Another bad cleaning habit you should resolve to break is using harsh chemical cleaners. Strong chemicals can be toxic and bad for your health in addition to leaving behind a strong odor. Instead, use natural cleaning products that you can buy or even make with pantry staples.

Not working from the top down

You are creating extra work for yourself if you’re not cleaning from the top down. For example – do you vacuum before you dust? You should work in the opposite direction instead. That way, if dust falls to the ground, you can then collect it with a vacuum.

Leaving small messes for later

Do you generally wait to clean until messes have gotten out of control? Do you spend your whole weekend trying to get your home back in order? You’ll save yourself time and frustration if you clean small messes as you make them. That means cleaning up that coffee splash on the counter, wiping out the bathroom sink after brushing your teeth, and washing dishes at the end of the day. It just takes a few minutes to keep up with the small stuff, and you’ll save time in the long run.

Waiting to do laundry

Do you wait until you’re totally out of clean clothes to do the laundry? When you wait until it all piles up then you may end up spending an entire day cleaning your clothes. That’s exhausting! Instead, try to do one or two loads at a time. This leaves you with energy to also fold them and put them away.

Letting your cleaning tools get dirty

You’re not really going to get the clean you desire if you’re using dirty tools. Dirty rags and sponges can breed bacteria and mildew. Your full vacuum cleaner will lose suction. And that dirty mop will just spread more dirt on your floor. Be sure to keep your tools clean so they can get the job done.

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