Recipe for My Daughter’s Favorite Cake


At least a few hours prior to assembling cake:

Cook 1 large package Chocolate “cook and serve” (not instant) pudding using 2.5 C whole or 2% milk.

Pour into bowl and place plastic wrap over bowl and chill until cool.


1 box of yellow cake mix, cooked according to directions in two 9 inch pans.

Cool Cake well on Rack.


Filling and top frosting:

Whip 1 pint regular whipping cream with 1 or 2 T powdered sugar until stiff peaks.

When ready to assume, slice each cake layer length wise into two pieces.  Place some whip cream on cut piece, top with 1/3 of the cooled chocolate pudding.  Add layer. And repeat with other layers.  Frost  the top of cake with the rest of whip cream. Add chocolate sprinkles if desired.  Chill overnight is best.

Serves 12 to 14.


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