Pay Attention to These Design Trends When Flipping a North County Home

Flipping houses can be a great source of income in North County San Diego. But to make the most of your house flip, you need to be aware of what buyers are looking for — and what they aren’t. Staying on top of trends and updating a house with them in mind will help you get top dollar when you sell. If you’re in the process of flipping a North County home, then these are the design trends you need to pay attention to.

Automated features are in demand

People are getting on the smart home bandwagon, and you should, too, if you’re flipping a house. The types of automated features that buyers are looking for include automated thermostats, motion-sensor lights, hands-free-faucets, and integrated home systems. 

More privacy and separation

Open-concept floor plans have been all the rage for many years. They’re great for large families and for entertaining. But the pandemic has forced us to rethink our living spaces. Many homebuyers are now looking for houses that offer separation and privacy. With so many people working from home and spending more of their free time at home, it’s important to create privacy or “zones” in an open-concept floor plan.

Rethink formal rooms

Most buyers aren’t dreaming about formal dining rooms where they can throw elaborate dinner parties for many guests. Instead, they’re thinking about where they’re going to fit in a home office. For this reason, you should rethink formal rooms when you’re flipping a house. How can those little-used formal rooms be repurposed to fit today’s lifestyle? Can you turn a formal living room into a game room or kid’s playroom? Instead of a guest bedroom, perhaps that spare room can be staged as a craft room or home gym? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Reimagine the kitchen

Lots of people discovered they actually like cooking and baking during the pandemic. And having space to do more in the kitchen is a top priority for many of today’s buyers. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so pay special attention to its design and layout. Think about creating zones for prep work, baking, or mixing cocktails. 

Comfort is key

Ultimately, what homebuyers in 2021 are looking for above all else is comfort. With all the time spent at home over the last year, many people have determined that function is more important than form. While it’s nice to have visually appealing midcentury modern furniture, it isn’t always the most comfortable. When you’re flipping a home, consider how the new owner will want to use the spaces and how they will relax in them. Think about using soft curves, plush textures, and overstuffed cushions to make the home cozy and welcoming.

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