New Year’s Resolutions For Home Sellers

Are you planning to put your North County home on the market in 2019? Then it’s time to start organizing and creating a to-do list that will set you up for success. Instead of committing to your standard I’ll-finally-lose-those-10-pounds New Year’s resolution, why not put your effort into your home sale? Here are some great New Year’s resolutions for you soon-to-be home sellers.

Resolve to set a listing date

The best way to get organized is to set a listing date. When you know your desired listing date, it’s so much easier to set deadlines along the way. There are many steps involved with the home-selling process, and having an organized timeline will help you to stay on track. The more time you give yourself to prepare your home to sell, the less stressed you will be.

Resolve to make repairs

Owning a home means keeping up with a list of repairs. Over the years, it’s not unusual to let some of those minor repairs fall off the list. But when you’re getting ready to sell, you need to address them. This could include things like fixing leaky faucets, patching holes, and adjusting a door that just won’t stay closed. If you’re unsure what needs to be fixed, ask a trusted friend to come over and take a walk through your home as though they were considering buying it. They’re more likely to notice things that have escaped your attention.

Resolve to resist expensive renovations

While you’re making those minor repairs, you may start to notice larger projects that you’d like to get to. This could be anything from updating the master bathroom to totally renovating the kitchen. While it’s understandable that you want to make your home as attractive to potential buyers as possible, there is a limit. Some major repairs won’t bring a return on your investment. If you’re unsure whether or not to undertake a major repair or renovation, talk to your agent.

Resolve to de-clutter

Do you really want to move box after box of items you no longer use? Moving is a labor-intensive event, and the more you can minimize what you have to relocate, the better. Take the time now to de-clutter and purge items you no longer need or want. Be ruthless. Go through all those closets, drawers, and bookcases. Buyers will be looking at every square inch of your house, so you need to clear out and tidy up all your spaces. Throw out items that are beyond repair and donate or give away those that still have life left in them.

Resolve to research comps

Setting the right price for your home is crucial for a speedy sale. It is essential that you know what homes like yours in your neighborhood are selling for. This helps you to better determine a ballpark estimate of your home’s worth. Start looking at comps in your area. This way, when you’re ready to talk to an agent, you have an idea of your home’s worth.

Resolve to work with the right agent

Finally, if you’re getting ready to sell your North County San Diego home in 2019, resolve to work with a trusted agent. The agents of The Cristine Clark and Jamie Gilman Team are experts in North County and we’ve sold one home every 3.3 days since 1997. Click here or give us a call at 760-758-1211 to chat more about listing your home in the New Year.

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