Last-Minute Thanksgiving Host Gifts

Oops! Are you attending a Thanksgiving dinner today but forgot to get a gift for the host? Bringing a small token of your appreciation is a nice touch when somebody else is hosting. But don’t worry — it’s not too late to show you care! Here are the best last-minute ideas we’ve found that your host is sure to love. Most of these gifts can be purchased at the grocery store on your way to the party.

A bottle of sparkly

Wine is a standard choice for host gifts. But this is a special occasion, so why not go all out? Instead of bringing a bottle of red or white wine, gift your host a bottle of the best champagne or sparkling wine you can afford. They’ll be toasting to you when they have a chance to open the bottle after the party, and you’re sure to make their next guest list.


Flowers are always a good choice when it comes to host gifts. But take it a step further by giving them an arrangement that is already in a vase. This ensures they don’t have to stop their Thanksgiving preparations to find a vase and arrange the flowers. 

Good cheese

Mmmmmm…cheese…. Unless your host is lactose intolerant, then showing up with a block of good cheese will win you all kinds of guest points. They can add the cheese to their appetizer spread for the party or keep it to themselves to enjoy once all their guests leave. Pair the cheese with gourmet crackers for a gift that will truly be appreciated.

Artisanal chocolate

Even the most basic grocery store usually has a decent selection of artisanal chocolates and they make a wonderful host gift. Opt for something unusual they may not have already had, and don’t be afraid to choose a few different bars that they can enjoy later.

Fancy seltzers

Seltzers are the perfect companion when you’re making mixed drinks. That’s why this host gift can be a real homerun. Splurge on a fancy brand that they can use either as a mixer or just drinking on its own. 

High-quality olive oil

Anyone who likes to cook will love a bottle of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Chances are, your host likes to cook since they’re preparing a feast for you. You can easily pick up a quality olive oil at your local store. It’s a great choice, especially if you don’t know whether or not your host drinks alcohol.

Breakfast bagels

Finally, give your host the best gift ever — breakfast for the next morning! After spending all day making a feast, the last thing your host probably wants to do the next day is to make breakfast. So stock up on their favorites like bagels and cream cheese so they can relax the next day.

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