Last Minute Holiday Decorating Ideas

Uh-oh! Was your to-do list so long this month that you forgot to decorate for the holidays? Don’t worry! You’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how quickly you can pull together a festive look. Here are some of the best ideas we’ve found for decking your halls at the last minute.

Glass jar candleholders

You can turn any empty glass jar into a sparkling holiday decoration. Just take a mason jar or any other empty glass jar, fill it with water, and add a tea light or floating candle on the top. To give it some extra sparkle, take a bracelet or two and wrap them around the rims. Group a few together, set some shiny ornaments at the base and you have an elegant centerpiece using items you probably already have at home.

Holiday card display

One of the best things about the holiday season is all the cards you get in the mail from loved ones. Don’t just hide them away in a basket. Display them proudly for all to see! All you need is a pretty length of ribbon and some clothespins. Secure a few ribbons down the length of any door and pin your cards to them. You’ll get bonus points when friends and family visit and see their cards prominently displayed.

Candy cane vase

Take your flower arrangements to the next level by displaying them in a candy cane vase. All you need for this easy project is a bunch of flowers (red would look especially nice), a cylindrical vase, and about two-dozen candy canes. Secure the candy canes around the outside of the vase with ribbon and add the flowers. These make beautiful centerpieces and can even be given as gifts! Don’t be afraid to use fake flowers like poinsettias, which will allow you to use it year after year.

Christmas tree folded napkin

Dress up your holiday table with a napkin folded in the shape of a Christmas tree. Even if you feel like you’re all thumbs, this is pretty easy to do. Use whatever fabric napkins you have on hand, and embellish with a tiny bow at the top. This simple idea will impress your dinner guests and add that special extra touch to your table – no maître d’ required!

Bowl of ornaments

This idea is about as speedy as you can possibly get. Do you have a big bowl and some extra ornaments? Then combine the two for an elegant and festive decoration. Simply take your bowl and fill it with ornaments. You can mix and match different colors or shapes. Or you can go for a more unified look with a limited color palette, like silver and gold. To step it up a notch use a glass bowl and add a string of lights. When they’re plugged in, it will add an extra layer of sparkle that is always welcome on a winter night. Opt for battery-operated lights to eliminate seeing the end of the cord.

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