It’s Time to Start Prepping for Your Summer Home Sale

We know spring is not officially here quite yet, but if you’re thinking about selling your home this summer then it’s time to start prepping. Even if you don’t plan to list for several more months, there are things you can do now that will make your life easier down the line. This summer is gearing up to be very hot in the North County real estate market, and it pays (literally) to be prepared. Here’s what you should be doing over the next few months so that you can ace your home sale this summer.

Know the market

It’s time to size up the competition. What’s going on in the real estate market in your neighborhood? When you’re selling, you want to see what other sellers are up to. How much are homes like yours selling for? What key features do they highlight in their listings? How long are homes on the market before they get an offer? You’ll help yourself get into the selling mindset by researching what’s happening in your area before you jump in.

Get a storage unit

Unless you’re a total minimalist, you’re going to want to pare down your belongings before buyers begin visiting your home. It’s crucial to declutter and depersonalize when you’re selling so that buyers can imagine themselves and their stuff in your home. Does this sound a little overwhelming? Then start early by renting a storage unit. When you have time, start going through each room and boxing up items you won’t need in the short term. You’ll get a head start on your packing and make your house look great in the process.

Take a look outside

North County San Diego is the place to be if you love being outdoors every day of the year. That’s why it’s so important for your home to have excellent curb appeal. Take a look outside now to start planning what you’ll do to spruce up your home’s exterior. This could include trimming trees and bushes, power washing surfaces, painting the front door, and updating your mailbox and lighting fixtures. Tackling it a little bit at a time will make the job more manageable.

Make repairs

Chances are you’ve got a few repairs on your to-do list that you just haven’t gotten to yet. Now is the time to address them. Your home needs to be in excellent condition if you want to get the best offer. So take a walk through your home and see it through a buyer’s eyes. Make a list of those things you need to fix, from leaky faucets and sticky doors to malfunctioning lights and jammed windows. The summer housing market can be very competitive, and if you want your house to stand out then pay attention to the details.

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