International Air & Space Hall of Fame on November 1

Join the San Diego Air & Space Museum as they honor the accomplishments of famed air and space pioneers. They are some of the world’s most significant aviation pilots, crew members, visionaries, inventors, aerospace engineers, businessmen, designers, spokesmen and space pioneers. They highlight the importance of technology and innovation.

The International Air & Space Hall of Fame represents the commemoration of those who, throughout history and around the world, have made a significant difference and are worthy of special recognition.

Class of 2014:

Meet these air and space legends for an evening of extraordinary recognition and fun, as you’re provided a personally experiential peek into each honoree’s life.

  • Joe Engle: Air Force Major General Joe Engle is retired from the Air National Guard, the United States Air Force, and the NASA Astronaut program.
  • Fitz Fulton: After 23 years of service as a pilot in the United States Air Force, Lieutenant Colonel Fitzhugh L. “Fitz” Fulton Jr. retired as a civilian research pilot from NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in Edwards, California. Fulton is the recipient of numerous aviation awards, including four Distinguished Flying Crosses and the Harmon International Aviation Trophy.
  • Bill Boeing, Jr.: William E. Boeing, Jr. is the son of aviation pioneer William Edward Boeing, founder of the Boeing Company.
  • General John (Jack) R. Dailey: Retired four-star Marine Corps General John R. Dailey has over 7,000 flying hours in fighters; light attack, reconnaissance, and electronic warfare aircraft; transports; and helicopters.
  • The Ninety-Nines: The Ninety-Nines is an international fraternity of women pilots, founded in 1929 to promote the advancement of aviation through education, scholarships and mutual support while honoring their unique history and sharing their passion for flight.
  • WD-40: WD-40 is the trademark name of a lubricant, penetrating oil and water-displacing spray. Accepting on behalf of WD-40 is CEO Garry Ridge.
  • Roger Schaufele: During his 37 years at Douglas Aircraft Company, Roger D. Schaufele held a number of critical engineering posts including Project Aerodynamicist, Director of Advanced Design, Director of Technology, and Vice President of Engineering.
  • Bessie Coleman: Elizabeth “Bessie” Coleman was an American civil aviator and the first African American woman to earn a pilot’s license.

Aviation history is truly a remarkable story, and it all unfolds at the San Diego Air & Space Museum. Your journey through the history of flight begins as you stand beneath a model of the Montgolfier brothers’ hot air balloon of 1783 – the first manned vehicle in recorded history to break the bonds of gravity and lift humans above the Earth.

Rare specimens of aircraft suggest the excitement of air combat in the World War I Gallery. Marvel at the entertaining and dangerous antics of the barnstormers of the 1920s in the Golden Age of Flight Gallery.

Mint condition aircraft in a mint condition museum – a Spitfire Mk. XVI, a Navy F6F Hellcat and an A-4 Skyhawk jet – these beautifully restored airplanes help you appreciate the increasingly complex technology represented in the classic military aircraft of World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

The Museum’s display of space age technology, like the desire to journey to the stars, may never be finished, for it represents an adventure which the human race has truly just begun.

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