How To Nail Your Holiday Home Sale

Just because the holiday season is here doesn’t mean it’s too late to sell your home this year. In fact, the holidays can be a wonderful time to put your home up for sale. The real estate market in North County San Diego continues to thrive, and many buyers are still looking for homes. The holiday season is an especially cozy time, and it can have many advantages when it comes to making your home stand out from the competition. If you’re selling your North County home during the holidays, then follow these tips to nail your sale.

Decorate tastefully

You may have heard that if you’re selling your home, then you shouldn’t decorate for the holidays. While we certainly caution against going overboard, you can definitely tastefully decorate your home with your favorite holiday items. The holidays evoke a wonderfully cozy feeling, which is a great feeling to create when you’re selling! When you’re deciding which decorations to use, go for the ones that have a more general winter theme. This could mean evergreen garland, scented pinecones, or sparkly snowflakes. Limit the number of religiously themed items that may not appeal to all prospective buyers.

Keep it cozy

While we enjoy temperate weather year-round here in North County San Diego, you should still think about keeping your home warm and cozy while showing. Make sure your furnace is in good working order should you need to warm up your home on particularly chilly days. If you have a working fireplace, then have a fire going when buyers come over. Nothing says cozy quite like a fireplace!

Don’t forget the exterior

Curb appeal is huge when selling your North County home. Now is a great time to show off your home’s exterior. Don’t be afraid to let your holiday decorating extend to the outdoors, especially if your neighbors get on the holiday bandwagon, too. Like the inside, you’ll want to keep a more neutral theme. You can decorate the front door with a pretty wreath and add some twinkle lights to make it feel festive. Be sure to trim trees and bushes, clean debris from the yard, and rake up dead leaves. Do you have any good photos from other times of the year? Then you may want to include them in your listing photos. This will help buyers know what your home looks like during different seasons.

Set the right price

Setting the right price is key to having a quick and successful sale. It’s always important to price your North County home correctly. But it’s even more important right now. Buyers in the market over the holidays are usually serious about purchasing a home. Don’t put them off by pricing your home too high or even too low. Think like Goldilocks and find just the right price. Your real estate agent can help you determine the best price based on the current market conditions in your neighborhood.

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