Hottest Interior Design Trends for 2021

Now that the New Year is in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about a style refresh for your North County home. This is especially true if you’ll be listing your home for sale. The more you can cater to the needs of today’s buyers, the better. Since we spent so much time at home in 2020, it should come as no surprise that there is an emphasis on comfort and functionality in 2021. Here’s a closer look at what is emerging as the hottest interior design trends this year.

Function is very important

With so many of us still working from home and attending school online, functionality is a key trend in interior design this year. Buyers will be looking for spaces that serve many purposes. This could include a spare bedroom that can be used as a schoolroom or a dining room that functions as a home office during the day. Flexibility is key, as many homeowners want to maximize how each room of the house can be used.

Relaxation areas are also a top priority

Since it’s still challenging to get away from home for a little R&R, we’re relying more and more on our homes to provide relaxation spaces. Bathrooms are no longer just places to get ready for work in the morning. They now also function as spas where we unwind after a long day. Bedrooms are also becoming more luxurious as we try to create areas that are soothing and refreshing. And having a dedicated hang-out space is also important, especially if you have teens in your house.

Houseplants FTW

Gardening has become HUGE because of the pandemic, and many people have taken that passion indoors. Houseplants are one of the top ways to add life and color to your home. They lend a fresh vibe to any room and can even help to filter the air. Instagram is full of incredible accounts that provide inspiration and instruction about how to care for houseplants, and rare varieties are easier to find than ever.

Focus on tranquility

Since our homes are now where we work, play, and relax, there will be more of a focus on tranquility. This will be evident in the colors that are popular this year for interiors. We’ll see more earthy and neutral tones that create warmth and feel inviting. Also look for more ocean hues, especially for those who live by the beach. There really is nothing more tranquil than the deep blue hues of the gorgeous Pacific Ocean.

Global influences

Are you feeling the itch to travel? You and everyone else! Since we haven’t really been able to travel for pleasure over the last year, our homes will start to feel a little more global. After all, if you can’t jet off to Marrakech, then you might as well bring Marrakech to you. Look for lots of earthy tones, rattan furniture, tribal prints, and tropical patterns.

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