Helping Kids Settle Into a New North County School

Moving to North County San Diego can be a dream come true. And although there is so much to be excited about when moving to our little corner of the world, it can be a tough transition for school-age children. Moving often means attending a new school, which can be a stressful time for some kids. If your kids are going to be attending a North County school for the first time this year, then here are some tips to help get them settled in.

Tour the school

If possible, arrange to get a tour of the school before the first day of classes. Most North County schools will be very accommodating to new students and will arrange for them to visit the campus before the school year begins. Encourage your child to ask questions so there are fewer surprises on the first day. It can also be very helpful for your child to meet their new teacher in advance if that is possible. This can really help to alleviate anxiety.

Know the route

Even if you plan to drive your child to school every day, it’s important that they know the way. If there is ever an emergency where they have to get to or from school on their own, then they will know the way. If your child lives close enough and is old enough to walk to school by themselves, do a dry run together before school starts so they are confident they won’t get lost.

Make the first day special

It’s normal for children to have butterflies on the first day of school. Those nervous feelings can be magnified for children who just moved. Help get them started on the right foot by making the first day special. Pack a special lunch for them, or make plans to have a celebratory dinner out that evening.

Get involved

One of the best ways to get settled in is to get involved. Check out the new school’s website to see what kinds of extracurricular activities they offer. Have your child sign up for those clubs or teams that interest them. And involvement doesn’t begin and end with your child. Parents can also get involved at the school – from chaperoning field trips to volunteering with the PTA. This kind of parental involvement can also help make the transition much easier for new students.

Keep in touch with old friends

Even if your child is great at making new friends, they will no doubt miss their old friends. Encourage them to stay in touch with their friends from their former school. The internet makes it easy to keep in touch, and it may help to have regular FaceTime or Skype dates with their old friends. If possible, it can also help to visit them in person from time to time or invite them to come to your new house for a weekend.

Be patient

Finally, when transitioning to a new school, parents should be patient. Grades may suffer at first as a child gets used to a new school and a new way of doing things. Most children’s grades will recover once they’ve made new friends and get settled in.

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