Halloween Decorating Tips For Your North County Home

Halloween is fast approaching, but you still have time to decorate your North County home so that it looks spooktacular! Whether you’re having a small gathering for friends and family or you’re welcoming trick-or-treaters, decorating for the holiday makes it extra fun. These are our best tips for creating Halloween displays that will impress!


If you’re a minimalist, then this first step may not apply to you. But if you’re like the rest of us, it can be helpful to do a little “undecorating” before you bust out the Halloween decor. Remove some of your regular pictures and decorations to make room for your holiday display. Otherwise, your Halloween decorations may get lost in the clutter. By removing some of your normal decor first, you give your spooky stuff center stage.

Make a fabulous entrance

Short on time for Halloween decorating? Then focus most of your energy on creating a fabulous entrance. Your front porch and front door will set the mood and make a big impact. It’s easy to create a Halloween vibe on your front porch with door decals, pumpkins, dried corn stalks, and spiderwebs. You can also pick up some fake bats, rats, and other creepy-crawlies from the dollar store to round out your display.

Consider the lighting

The easiest way to set a creepy mood on Halloween is with lighting. While you want to make sure that there is enough light for guests and trick-or-treaters to see, you can play around. Switch out regular white bulbs for bold colors like red or green. Or opt to include a few lighted decorations into your display to set the scene.

Use natural elements

Pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, and other natural elements associated with fall are great additions to your Halloween decor. But you can take it even farther! Branches from the yard can enhance a spooky floral arrangement. Even piles of leaves can help to create a spooky Halloween atmosphere.

Create a soundtrack

Just like lighting, sound can also play an important role in your Halloween displays. Everything seems creepier with organ music playing in the background. You can find many playlists online to help set the mood you’re trying to create.

Add a fog machine

Who doesn’t love a fog machine? Fog machines are affordable and easy to purchase online — and they take everything up a notch. A little bit of fog clinging to the ground as guests walk up to your home will go a long way in creating mystery and a creepy environment.

Be age-appropriate

If you’re going to be entertaining small children for Halloween, then it’s important to create Halloween displays that are age-appropriate. Consider dialing back the scary or creepy decorations and focus more on happy jack ‘o lanterns or friendly ghosts.

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