How To Find a Good Realtor!!

A home buyer or home seller looking for a realtor can search in many ways. Asking friends, family members, or co-workers is a good source.

Attending an open house where you can meet a realtor face to face is another way. You can see if you feel comfortable spending time with this person, and if you feel they are up to date on the inventory and pricing in your area.

The Internet is also a good source. Agents will often have a profile and other information that may be important to you. You can sometimes find customer testimonials or get an indication of the amount of business they are doing.

Also, paying attention to the real estate signs in your neighborhood can indicate that agent may work quite a bit in that market.

Most agents are happy to “interview” with a buyer or seller. As in all aspects of life, people are often a better fit with one person over another. You need to feel you have confidence in your Realtor, that they are available to you, and will give your home’s transaction the time and attention it needs.

Jan Bowman

Realty Executives


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