Does it make Financial Sense to Buy a Piece of Land for Sale and Build?

Does it still make sense to build your own home instead of purchasing a home for sale?  Well, it depends.

With some great buys on short sale homes for sale and REO’s (foreclosures for sale) sometimes it is less expensive to buy a ready-built custom home.  That is, of course, if you like the floor plan of the house and the lot.  It works well to purchase an already built custom home for sale, as you may get great landscaping, pool, etc. and you can then upgrade the interior to your taste with carpet, paint, and maybe a bathroom or kitchen remodel. But, if you haven’t found that special house, you may want to consider building a home.  There are still a few lenders out there with land and construction money.  This way, you place the home exactly where you prefer and envision on the lot, and you get the floor plan of your choice!!  It works especially well, if you want a particular view, usable land for animals, etc. or great privacy and cannot find that perfect match on a previously owned home.

In the past, there were several spec builders who built custom homes for a first resale, so you could buy new and custom.  But in this current economy you don’t see that too often anymore, so buying a raw piece of land may be an option for your custom home.  Home Buyers just need to make sure they dotheir due diligence so that they are not met with any expensive surprises!

3 Lots Currently for Sale in Vista, Ca:

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3 Lots Currently for Sale in San Marcos, Ca: 

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3 Lots Currently for Sale in Escondido, Ca:

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Are you having trouble finding that perfect property for sale? Or is there a lot that seems just right? I just listed a vacant parcel of land in Vista, California, adjacent to Estrelita. Soon after, I was contacted by a lender who was able to provide loans for construction projects on vacant land, and to purchase the land itself. These loans are not as easy to find in our current real estate market, but they are still out there. Call or Email me anytime for more information on land / construction loans, properties, developing land, and other questions about custom homes for sale.

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