Finally Get Your Home Office Organized This Month

Did your New Year’s resolutions include finally getting your home office organized? If you’re one of the millions of Americans who suddenly began working from home last year, then you may have cobbled together a temporary home office. And while that can work well in the short term, it isn’t necessarily the best way to be the most productive in the long term. While some may be returning to the office soon, others may find themselves working from home permanently at least part of the time. This is why it’s so important to create a home office that maximizes your productivity. Here’s how.

Create a backup

Let’s get to the most important thing first – backing up your digital files. While this is probably the most yawn-inducing task, it’s also one of the most crucial. There is nothing worse than having your computer crash and losing your important work. For that reason, you need to prioritize backing up all your digital files. There are many ways you can do this, including using a cloud-based service or an external hard drive. Research the options to find which solution is best for you.

Use your space efficiently

Once you’ve backed up your files, then it’s time to start looking at your physical space. No matter how much room you have (or don’t have) for your home office, your productivity will increase by using the space most efficiently. If you don’t have much square footage, then think vertically. You can use the wall above your desk to install shelves for storing items. The backs of doors also work well for hanging storage. And don’t forget about the space under your desk, which can be used for rolling carts and file cabinets.

Invest in adaptable furniture

One of the best ways to maximize your space is to give it some flexibility. One great way to accomplish this is to invest in furniture with wheels. Nearly all the furniture in your office can accommodate wheels including your chair, desk, shelves, and cabinets. Using furniture with wheels allows you to change the configuration to best meet your needs. And if you have a small space, wheeled carts and cabinets can be stowed away in closets when not needed.

Make a clear filing system

Experts agree that a color-coded filing system for paperwork is the easiest way to stay organized. You’ll find what you’re looking for more quickly when there is also a color associated with it. Make sure you clearly label all your file folders and keep them all together.

Store like with like

Finally, you lose precious time by trying to find missing items. Or worse, you’re eating up valuable space by having duplicate items. When you’re storing items in your office, keep similar things together. Store office supplies in the same bin or drawer and keep files in a cabinet. Toss duplicates you don’t need.

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