Fallbrook and Bonsall Home to Small Town Halloween Fun and Horses

Living in a Bonsall home means living in a beautiful small town that is still fairly rural. One of the most popular activities in Bonsall is horseback riding. If you’ve always dreamed of horseback riding lessons, or if you have a child in your Bonsall home who’s begging for them, Silver Sunset Farms is the place to go this fall. The exclusive trainer, Paisley Phelps, studied and trained in England and completed her BHS (British Horse Society) teaching credential and a degree in Equine Science. Training packages for every level and budget are available. You don’t even have to have a horse! Silver Sunset Farms has many safe lesson horses. Click here to learn more at their website.

If you have a horse at your Bonsall home and are looking for a place to board it (or if you’d like lessons), Silver Sunset Farms has those services available as well. If you need to board a horse, you can rest assured it will be well taken care of at Silver Sunset Farms as the stalls are large and horses are fed hay and alfalfa by the pound twice each day. Stalls are cleaned twice a day, too and hydration is monitored, meaning your horse will get a fresh water bucket three times a day. If you need to take a vacation, their experienced horsemen will care for your horse while you’re away, offering full service care.

Enjoy a Great Halloween Near Your Fallbrook or Bonsall Home!

For a fun and safe Halloween evening,  you can also meet up with friends from Fallbrook homes for the Safe Halloween Festival at Fallbrook Community Center, 341 Heald Land. The Festival will go from 5 to 7:30 p.m. It’s a free event for the Fallbrook community. Kids from Fallbrook homes should bring their adults and come dressed in their best, most imaginative costumes. There will be trick or treat candy and great music. Try your hand at the Halloween games for great prizes. Enter the costume contest! Don’t miss this opportunity to meet other families in Fallbrook homes. The evening will be a lively celebration of community, imagination, and, of course, candy! Click here to see a flyer with more information.

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