“Eureka!” Exhibit Opens at the New Children’s Museum on October 17

Join the New Children’s Museum on October 17 for the grand opening of Eureka!, an all-new exhibition that encourages visitors to discover California through the imagination of artists and explore the power of creative thinking.

Through inventive art installations and studio activities, Eureka! will encourage visitors to explore the Golden State, by “digging deeper” and experiencing those “aha” moments we have every day.

Eureka! features new art installations created by local, regional and national artists that will be featured alongside our current exhibition Feast: The Art of Playing With Your Food. Additionally, the Museum will develop art workshops, educational programs and lesson plans to complement each new Eureka! installation.

Feast is the museum’s fourth interactive exhibition, and features thirteen artist installations and eight other projects centered around food. Artists have used food as artistic inspiration for hundreds of years, and today the subject is a tool for artists to talk about community, sustainability and the environment, family traditions, and health. Feast allows visitors of all ages to sink their teeth into unique, highly engaging, multi-sensory experiences and examines our relationship to food and eating in inventive and unexpected ways.

The New Children’s Museum is a new model of children’s museum whose mission is to stimulate imagination, creativity and critical thinking in children and families through inventive and engaging experiences with contemporary art.

The Museum offers opportunities for children of all ages to experience the arts in ways that are meaningful to them, whether it’s an energetic romp through the climbing structures, a thoughtful sculpting of a clay figure during a day visit, or recurring participation in camps, workshops and other in-depth programming.

The Museum also has an expansive and innovative roster of programs that give access to families from all economic levels. Through the Community Access Program, The New Children’s Museum provides programs that ensure financial ability will never be a factor in a child’s opportunity to experience the arts. Selected programs include Check Out The New Children’s Museum, free Title 1 school visits, Target Free Second Sundays and a variety of community partnerships offering free or discounted admission.

The New Children’s Museum empowers children to think, play and create through participatory exhibitions, engaging art-making activities, captivating artistic performances and in-depth educational opportunities. Serving all ages, from toddler to teen, the Museum brings families together in a rich educational environment that fosters creativity—blending elements of art museum and children’s museum.

Across the street from the building is a beautiful park and a new installation called The Garden Projec extending the museum visit outdoors where visitors can run and climb, have an outdoor lunch and learn about growing fruits and vegetables.

Featuring a wide array of art and inspiring creativity through a range of topics, the exhibitions since reopening in 2008 include Childsplay (2008), Animal Art (2010), TRASH (2011) and our current exhibition, Feast: The Art of Playing With Your Food (2013).

Located at 200 West Island Avenue, The New Children’s Museum faces Harbor Drive and is well positioned near the MTS Convention Center Trolley stop, Seaport Village and the Gaslamp Quarter, making it accessible to residents and visitors throughout the region.

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