Easy Tips for Summer Curb Appeal

Summer is almost here! Are you ready to spruce up your curb appeal for the coming season? Whether you’re looking to sell your North County home this summer, or you’ve just moved into a home that could use a makeover, now is a great time for an exterior facelift. And it doesn’t have to take you tons of time or money! Here are some of the best tips we’ve found to achieve the summer curb appeal you’ve been dreaming of.

Clean up

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. The first step towards amazing curb appeal is to clean up what you already have. This means trimming trees and bushes, mowing the lawn, and cleaning up debris. Weed the garden beds and clean the sidewalks and driveway. Wash all your windows. Even if you do nothing else, cleaning up your yard will make a huge difference.

Paint your front door

Did you know that you could significantly upgrade your curb appeal simply by painting your front door? As far as home improvement projects go, this one couldn’t be easier and can be done in as little as an afternoon. Choose a color that complements your current color scheme, but is different enough to make the door pop. Not sure what color will work best for you? Take this fun quiz from HGTV to find out! If you want to take it a step further, then deck out your entire front door area. This can include updating your house numbers, getting a new front door mat, and adding a seasonal wreath. This will make your home much more inviting to visitors and guests.

Design for your landscape

One of the best ways to make your yard more inviting is to design for your landscape. Here in southern California that can mean updating your yard with drought-tolerant plants, trees, and flowers. Having a yard that saves water is attractive to many homeowners and you don’t have to sacrifice style to do it. Consider swapping out turf for water-saving ground covers. Create an attractive display by installing a dry creek bed. Use succulents to add visual interest. Check out this great article in Sonoma Magazine for inspiration to get you started.

Know where to go

Finally, if you’re new to North County or to gardening, then you may not know the best places to go to get what you need. It’s especially helpful to visit a nursery or garden with local experts who can make recommendations. Some of the best places in the area to score great plants and landscape necessities as well as advice include:

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