Does North County Have America’s Best Climate?


Perhaps you’ve heard a thing or two about how fantastic the weather is here in San Diego. If you like sunshine and warm temperatures, then this is definitely the place for you. In fact, we would argue that North County has the best climate in the entire country. Let’s have a look at the details.

Average Temperatures

North County San Diego is characterized as having mild temperatures year-round. Coastal communities have milder temperatures and fewer days of extreme temperatures than inland communities. The coastal communities can expect an average of approximately 60 degrees for a high and 40 degrees for a low in January. In August, those communities will have an average high of 69 degrees and a low of 62 degrees. Inland communities are generally warmer, with a high of 69 degrees and a low of 42 degrees in January. In August, you can expect average highs of 89 degrees and average lows of 61 degrees.

Distinct Seasons

Though North County does experience a mild, Mediterranean climate, there are four distinct seasons:

  • Spring – Spring arrives in early February and lasts until the end of June. Flowers bloom and there are more overcast days in May and June because of the marine layer.
  • Summer – Summer can get hot, but there is low humidity since there is not much rain between July and late September.
  • Fall – Fall in North County is generally sunny and warm, with the chance of a dry Santa Ana wind. The season lasts from late September to the middle of December.
  • Winter – Winter is lovely and mild and is the season most likely to bring rain. Inland areas may get the occasional frost, and the season lasts from mid-December to early February.

Abundant Sunshine

Sun worshippers love North County San Diego because the sun is almost always shining here. The average number of sunny days or partly sunny days is a whopping 263! You’ll see some overcast days in late spring and early summer because of the marine layer, as mentioned above. Most rainy days occur between December and March. The average amount of annual rainfall on the coast is approximately 9.9 inches. Inland mountain regions can experience more than 40 inches per year.

Low Humidity

San Diego experiences some variations in seasonal humidity. Winter is almost always dry and comfortable, and it’s unusual to experience any days that could be considered muggy. You’ll most likely experience higher humidity levels between July and October, with a few days being characterized as muggy. On the whole, though, North County San Diego experiences comfortable humidity levels.

Good Air Quality

Unlike many other regions of Southern California, North County San Diego has good air quality. Although there may be some short periods of time where we experience air pollution, in general, we have little smog.

More Information

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