DIY Backyard Movie Theater

Even though stay-at-home restrictions have eased and more and more North County businesses are opening up, we know that many of you are still choosing to stay at home. And why wouldn’t you? Here in North County San Diego, we enjoy the very best of indoor/outdoor living at home. For many of us, our homes feel like mini-resorts. But after months of staying at home, we understand that you might be getting bored with your favorite home activities. This is why we think it can be a fun idea to create your own backyard movie theater! This is a great way to entertain your family, and you can even have socially distant summertime backyard movie parties with extended family and friends. Here’s what you need to create your very own backyard movie theater.

Create a screen

It’s actually pretty simple to create a screen for your backyard movie theater. You can either purchase a portable screen or make one yourself using a bed sheet or tarp. The key is to pull the fabric taut so there are no wrinkles. Here are some great suggestions from Bob Vila for creating your own outdoor movie screen.

Get a projector

Hosting a successful backyard movie night means getting a good portable projector. You definitely don’t want to drag your indoor system outside for these purposes. You can find reasonably priced projectors online. Make sure you pay attention to how bright the projector is and its range.

Set up the sound system

If you already have outdoor speakers, then you’ve already got a great system to tap into. If not, then a simple Bluetooth speaker is a great solution for playing sound with your movie. Just be sure that the volume is loud enough to compensate for things like wind and traffic noise. And be considerate of your neighbors, especially if you have any local or HOA restrictions. Don’t play your movie too loud, and don’t watch it into the wee hours of the morning.

Choose the best location

Choosing the perfect location is important when setting up your backyard movie theater. You can place your screen up against a fence or an exterior wall of your home. If your backyard is short on space, you might even consider using your garage door. Those with pools and/or hot tubs may want to set up the screen so that you can lounge in the water while watching the movie.

Get comfortable

Once you’ve got the technical aspects nailed down, it’s time to create ambiance! Set up comfortable seats around the screen for viewing, or pile rugs, blankets, and cushions on the ground. Choose items that you don’t mind getting a little dirty, of course. String up some twinkle lights in a tree or on a trellis to create a cozy vibe or light some outdoor candles.

Don’t forget the snacks

Finally, don’t forget the most important part of any successful backyard movie night – the snacks! Stock up on movie-theater favorites like popcorn and candy. Have adult beverages on hand for those 21 and older.

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