Do I decorate for Halloween if My House is for Sale?

Do I decorate for Halloween if my house is on the market?

If my house is for sale, I want to know if I am going to turn away buyers with Halloween decorations!

I have had several clients ask me these questions lately…

Well, I have to tell you, while it is fun to decorate for Halloween, I would suggest keep it to a minimum. Also, it is important to remember that home buyers might be young families, older families, retired couples, or even an investment buyer. If the prospective home buyers aren’t in the same genre as you…and are looking at your house to purchase it, you might be alienating those buyers…without even knowing it! I am sure you have seen some decorations you thought were too scary, or too much, but the people who did the decorating must not have!

Inside the house: it is really, really important to stage your home for buyers who are looking to buy your home! There are a few rules of thumb I tell my clients:

  • Treats: Leave a bowl of treats (candies, etc.) on the kitchen counter with a note: Trick or Treat: Treats for Real Estate Agents and their clients!!
  • Remove belongings from each room. Have a friend or family member with a good eye (or Cristine is happy to do this!) to look at each room, to see how many items should be removed so the room appears uncluttered. Remember a spacious feel is always the best look even if it feels a little lean to you.   Whichever way you tackle this one, it is really important. The more things out of a room, the more open and spacious it feels. If you add seasonal decorations, you are adding items to the room…making it feel a little less spacious.
  • Remember that people need to “mentally move in” when looking to buy a home. If you have lots of family photos, remove about half and see if the cleaner look is more appealing to a buyer so they can imagine their own happy family in that place!
  • Neutral is best: Some people may not celebrate the same holiday the same way…it is generally a good idea to not decorate the inside too much. Fall colors are one thing, but Ghost window-clings and vampires are another.
  • Scents: A fun way to incorporate the holidays is to cook or bake fall goodies prior to an open house or showing. This usually appeals to the home buyer’s nose! Warm goodies in the oven remind us of home, so you can score some big points here! Alternatively, you might invest in some fall-flavored room fresheners or sprays.
  • Clean and Fresh: Your home should be clean…not just a regular clean, but we are talking Q-tips to clean the window tracks clean. Home buyers are notorious for seeing dirt as “deferred maintenance” and will adjust their offer, or their desire to write an offer, accordingly. A little elbow grease goes a long way. Easy tips: cut up a lemon and run in the garbage disposal, Tile-x for counters, and bleach drains and toilets. Best to do this the day of a showing. Make sure to empty the trash.

Call me anytime if you want to talk about the best way to prepare your home for sale during the holidays, or anytime: (760) 519-8723. I am happy to help you…chances are I have seen your home!

Cristine Clark

The Cristine Clark Team

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