Creating a Home Learning Space

The global pandemic has changed the way we school our children. As we head into the new school year, there are many unknowns when it comes to how schooling will take place. While it’s likely some on-campus learning will return, students will no doubt experience at least some kind of e-learning for the foreseeable future. For this reason, we think it’s an excellent idea to create a learning space in your North County home for your kids. Here are some tips to design a space for your kids that is both comfortable and conducive to learning.

Find a dedicated space

The first critical step in setting up a home learning space is choosing where to put it. You want to choose a space that’s dedicated just for learning, keeping the age of your child in mind. For younger children who may need supervision, a spot at the kitchen table may be the best choice. Older children and teens may want more privacy, such as a spare bedroom, a converted closet, or even a corner of the basement.

Declutter and organize

Once you’ve chosen your learning space, it’s time to declutter. You want to provide as few distractions as possible. Learning in a virtual classroom can already be difficult for some children. So limit the number of ways they could distract themselves while in class by removing toys, games, and even family pets. After you’ve decluttered, organize what remains so that it’s easy to access.

Keep supplies handy

A variety of supplies will be needed for those learning at home including paper, pencils, markers, and folders. Keep all your kid’s supplies organized and easy to reach. This way, they can get the supplies they need during the day without having to ask a parent in the house for help.

Pay attention to lighting

Good lighting is crucial to a home learning environment. Natural light is best, so be sure to keep curtains open during the day so the sun can shine in. You should also provide other types of lighting, as kids will most likely also be doing homework in this space in the evening. Have a desk lamp and other types of lighting available in the room so it’s easy to see and keep kids engaged.

Choose good seating

If you work at a computer all day, then you know how important good seating is. The same goes for your kids. Choose a chair that is comfortable and provides back support. You might also consider additional seating like a loveseat or even a beanbag chair so kids have a pleasant place to sit and read.

Make it personal

Finally, don’t be afraid to personalize your child’s home learning space. Making the space personal can inspire kids to want to learn more. Let them decorate their space with items they enjoy, such as a drawing they made. You can choose decorations that are also learning materials, such as a map, the letters of the alphabet, or pictures of animals.

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