Cleansing Your “Haunted” House

Did you recently purchase a North County home that has some bad vibes? Are you fed up with the negativity that’s been piling up in your home during the pandemic? Is it time to welcome some positive energy into your home? We get it! While your home may be sparkling clean, it can sometimes get a build-up of what some may call negative energy, making it feel “haunted”. If that’s you, then read on to find out some clever ways to refresh and rejuvenate your home’s vibe!

Get some fresh air

The easiest and quickest way to banish bad energy from your home is to simply open the windows. There’s nothing like a little fresh air to make things feel more upbeat. It’s important to open the windows if they’ve been closed all summer long. And when you open all of the windows at the same time, you’ll create a draft. This will suck that stale air out in a jiffy!

Remove bad smells

Sometimes, your home just has that not-so-fresh feeling. It could be because of lingering unpleasant odors. Just a faint whiff of smoke, mildew, mold, pet odors, or rotten food can be enough to make your home feel “off”. First, figure out what’s causing the bad smells. Then, bust out some natural or homemade cleaners to fight them. Here’s an excellent list of bad smells that are common in homes and how to clean them up.

Clear the clutter

Clutter can trap bad energy in your home, making it more important than ever to tackle those piles. If this task feels overwhelming, then take it one room at a time. If you’re looking for inspiration, then check out the KonMari Method for tidying up your home. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded only by the things that spark joy?

Repair broken items

It’s depressing when your home is filled with items that need repair — especially something that you use regularly. Set aside an afternoon to tackle the most important repairs, whether it’s replacing a burnt-out lightbulb, fixing a leaky faucet, or finally getting the lawnmower to work properly. If an item just can’t be repaired, then consider replacing it with a newer model.

Try alternative methods

Finally, if you really want to get rid of negative energy for good, then try some alternative methods. This could include diffusing a pleasing essential oil, burning your favorite incense, or using a sage stick to smudge your home. You might also try ringing a bell or beating a drum to cleanse the energy in your home. When you choose an alternative, it’s helpful to set the intention of welcoming positive energy into your North County home. 

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