9th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in San Diego

The Japanese Friendship Garden is excited to once again share the Japanese tradition of hanami (enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossoms) with San Diego at the 9th annual Cherry Blossom Festival on March 1.

Sakura are rich symbolic flowers in Japanese culture. The short-lived beauty of the blossoms serves as an enduring metaphor for the transience of life. The form and color of the blossoms themselves reflect the traditional Japanese values of purity and simplicity. Those celebrating hanami look forward to the annual announcement of sakura zensen (the blooming of cherry blossoms all over Japan) every year to plan their celebrations, since the blossoms only last for a couple of weeks. In modern Japan, hanami involves vibrant outdoor celebrations where friends and family can eat, drink, and socialize in view of the beautiful sakura trees.

During the festival you will be able to:

  • Experience the beauty of the cherry blossoms, koi pond, and waterfall in the upper and lower garden expansions
  • See cultural performances from local artists and performers
  • Taste authentic Japanese street food
  • Drink samples from the Beer & Sake Tasting Garden sponsored by Asahi Beer, Gekkeikan Sake, and Stone Brewery & Catering
  • Create kids crafts
  • Shop unique gifts from local craft vendors

The Festival will be held at 2215 Pan American Way E, San Diego, on March 1, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. Admission is $5, seniors/military/students, $6 adults, and 6 and under free. Admission price guarantees entrance to the Japanese Friendship Garden for the 9th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival. Additional fees for vendors, food, beer & sake garden, children’s corner, and other activities will apply.

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