New Year’s Resolutions for Your North County Home

Did you make – or break – your New Year’s resolutions yet? It’s not too late to make a commitment to make a certain aspect of your life better. Perhaps 2020 is the year you resolve to make your North County home the best it can be. Here are five New Year’s resolutions for your home that are worth making – and keeping.

Keep it safe

One of the most important things you can do at home is to make sure it’s safe. Not only do you need to be on the lookout for potential hazards, but you should also be proactive about keeping crime at bay. Change the batteries on your smoke detectors and make sure you have a fire extinguisher on every floor. You should also have a carbon monoxide detector on each floor to keep all your family members safe. And if you don’t already have some kind of home security system, now is the time to install one. You can opt for a professionally installed and monitored system or a DIY option that allows you to monitor your home from your smartphone or other devices.

Cut the clutter

If you haven’t gotten on the KonMari bandwagon yet, then consider making 2020 your year to find out what all the fuss is about. It is so easy to accumulate more than we can ever use, and all that extra stuff can add tons of stress to our lives. Take time this year to de-clutter and tidy your home. Though the task may seem overwhelming while you’re doing it, you will be so relieved when you’ve finished. And imagine how incredible it will feel to live in a clutter-free home!

Make it sparkling

There are few people on this earth who really enjoy cleaning their bathrooms, kitchens, windows, and floors. But think about how miserable it makes you when your home feels dirty. Try not to let the dirt and grime build up until the job feels enormous. Instead, devise a weekly or monthly cleaning schedule that keeps you on top of the mess. And if you can, work on making it a family affair. Get everyone involved in the task, especially the kids.

Save some dough

Are you hoping to cut down on your home expenses this year? If you’re tired of feeling like all your money goes out the door (literally) then it’s time to take a look at your home expenses. Start by cutting your energy usage at home. Adjusting your thermostat even one or two degrees can make a big difference. So can swapping out your light bulbs for LED varieties. Look at your subscriptions like streaming services. Do you really need to keep them all, and how often do you really use them? Even making the commitment to brewing your coffee at home in the morning instead of buying it on the way to work can save you big bucks over time.

Entertain more often

Finally – what’s the point of owning a fabulous North County home if you don’t invite your loved ones over to enjoy it with you? Resolve to entertain more often in your home. Consider scheduling a regular monthly engagement, such as a neighborhood potluck or a book club, and keep to it. One of life’s big pleasures is owning a beautiful home and sharing it with those you love.

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