4 Good Reasons to Sell Your North County Vacation Home

Summer is winding down, and school season is on the horizon. Summer vacation will quickly be just a memory. This summer has certainly had its ups and downs as our world continues to contend with the pandemic. Maybe you didn’t really take advantage of your North County vacation home this year. And perhaps you think it might be time to let it go. If you’re thinking about whether or not to put your North County vacation home on the market, then here are 4 good reasons why you should.

Reason #1 — More people are shopping for vacation homes

Did you know that according to the National Association of Home Builders, vacation homes account for 15 percent of home sales? Many Americans have been looking for alternative ways to vacation this year, with fears about the coronavirus still lingering. Some of them opted to purchase vacation homes. Having a vacation home means knowing that you’ll be in a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. They are also great choices for those who work from home, making it easy to get in some R&R without having to completely disengage from the office.

Reason #2 — There isn’t much competition

Inventory has hit rock bottom during the pandemic. While buyers have been out in droves, sellers have remained cautious. There just aren’t enough homes for sale to meet demand. A good time to sell a vacation home is when there isn’t much competition. There are many eager buyers in the market with a limited number of choices. That makes this a seller’s market, which is an ideal time to list.

Reason #3 — You’ll get top dollar

Home sellers want to get as much money as they can for their vacation homes. The good news is — right now, you probably will. Realtor.com reports that home prices hit record highs in May 2021. The value of the average home is up a whopping 15 percent from last year and is approximately $380,000. Most real estate experts predict that housing prices will continue to rise this year. As a seller, you have an amazing advantage in today’s market. Are you curious what your North County home is worth? Then visit our website to get a free comprehensive report in under 35 seconds. You’ll just need to supply your address and contact information. There is no obligation and no fee.

Reason #4 — The process will be quick

One of the hardest parts of selling a home is waiting for the right offer to come in. But you won’t have to wait long in today’s market. Homes a selling a month faster this year than they did last year, and many homes receive multiple offers on the day they list. Buyers want to beat the competition, especially in a desirable vacation market like North County.

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