4 Fun Places to Look When You Need Home Design Inspo

Are you feeling a little “meh” about your home right now? There’s probably never been a time where we’ve all spent so much time in our homes. Looking at the same paint colors, furniture, and decorations day after day after day can get a little…old. But just how do you go about giving your North County home a style refresh? Where can you look for a little inspiration? These are the four places we turn to time and again when we’re looking for fresh design ideas. Perhaps they will spark some ideas for you, too!

Your favorite shops

There’s a reason why you favor certain shops. Perhaps you love the products they sell or just the general vibe you get when you shop there. So why not look to your favorite stores when you need a little inspiration? You can visit them either in-person or online to get ideas that you can then use in your own North County home. See how they use color, objects, or lighting to create a mood.

Your best friend’s house

Is there something about your best friend’s house that just makes you feel so comfortable and welcome? There’s no reason you can’t use your friend’s ideas in your own home, too! Is your friend’s living room comfortable? What kind of furniture do they have? How do they use lighting to make everyone look so darn attractive? What is the predominant color scheme? These are all the details that you should consider when figuring out just what it is that you love so much about your BFF’s home.

Your local library

We are so lucky in North County San Diego to have such a world-class library system. And they can be a treasure trove of design ideas, all of which you can access for free! We love to browse home design and decor magazines when we need a little inspiration. There’s nothing like flipping through the pages of Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, or Veranda to get the ideas flowing. When you have a library card, you can borrow these magazines – many are even available online. Another great source of inspo you can find at the library is coffee table books. Check out books that feature home design, art, gardens, or anything else that might inspire you. You can then use these images to devise a new color scheme for your living room, figure out how to rearrange your bedroom furniture or get ideas for bringing the best of nature indoors.

Your backyard

Speaking of nature, your own backyard can be a huge source of inspiration! We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area of the country. Take a walk outside for a never-ending stream of inspiration. Our natural landscapes have so much diversity – from our sandy beaches and blue waters to our scenic mountains and desert valleys. Note what landscapes you really enjoy and use that as a jumping-off point for your home design.

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