3 of The Best Reasons to Buy a House in 2012

First Time Home Buyers in front of their Escondido Home. Represented by Buyer’s Agent Nancy Irwin

Now is the time to buy a house!  When your friend says she bought her house in 2006, don’t you want to cringe?  We know that was the peak of the market.  Fast forward to 2017 and you tell your buddy you bought your house in 2012.  He’s going to say “Good for you!”.  We are all going to wish we bought more real estate in 2012.  Here are 3 of the best reasons to buy a house in North San Diego County right now!


1)  Interest Rates are Low:  It’s incredible that low rates can make such a big difference in your monthly payments.  It also makes a huge difference in the amount you pay over the life of the loan. Rates are likely to increase in the next couple of years so don’t wait.

2)  Prices are Low:  A gong isn’t going to sound when home prices hit bottom.  The only indicator home prices are at their lowest is when they begin to bounce back.  Resent news reports indicate home prices are beginning to rise throughout the country.

3)  Agents are Standing By: Because it is such a great time to buy a house, I’m very excited about representing buyers in this market. Are you looking to get your feet wet and purchase your first home, call me.  I represent Buyers exclusively and I can’t wait to find you a great deal!  Nancy Irwin, (760) 533-1119

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